They are structured to make and distribute profits while at the same time protecting those who own them (shareholders) and those who run them (directors).

Limited Companies are the type of organisation with which Investors, banks, suppliers and customers are most comfortable. They are identified by the “LTD” or “Limited”

Legal Entity

Once a company is registered it becomes an independent legal entity (legal person). It has legal capacity and is separate from its owners (also known as shareholders or members) and its directors. It has the legal capacity to own property and assets employ staff and accept financial obligations. Its assets and debts are its own.

When we incorporate a company we will includes following services

  • Ready to Trade Company limited by shares (LTD/Limited)
  • Emailed PDF of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Emailed PDF of Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Emailed PDF of Share Certificate(s)
  • Web authentication code to update Companies House records

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